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Sounds good? We decided to sweeten the deal even more. For bringing a new client of yours to Useme, you will get the amount of the service fee! That’s right, instead of paying us the service fee, we will pay you.

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Have you ever wanted to check your previous deal with the client, and it was nowhere to be found? You may have sent it by email, online drive, or, perhaps, that other email you don’t remember your password to? Join Useme and keep all of your deals in one safe place.

Useme keeps you safe

When you start working, we protect you with a freelance contract. have you finished your work? Transfer it safely through our service. Your client gets a tax invoice and can only download files after paying for them.

Choose how to get paid

You have the freedom to choose your favorite way. Bank account, Paypal, or Payoneer? We have many options – you choose your own way.

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Check our marketplace, where you can find new clients. There are new offers posted every day.

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Or a different one! Euros, dollars, pounds – it’s all up to you.

Easy copyrights transfer

You can transfer the copyrights with one click — no more paperwork of any kind.

No subscriptions

The only fee is the one based on the deal’s value, and it’s your client who pays it.

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Useme makes your freelancing simple and free. Focus on what you do best, and we will take care of the boring rest.

By signing a contract through useme, we guarantee that you’ll get paid for your work. Your customer pays in advance, and we release the funds once the job is done. Never miss any payments again.